The land

Fasano is placed between the wavy plateau of the “Murgia dei Trulli” and the blue Adriatic sea.

Fasano can be easily reached as it is at the crossroads between Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Fasano is an industrious small town of about 40.000 inhabitants and offers striking landscapes and charming views.

Surrounded by a secular olive tree park, elegant historical residences, picturesque manor farms and ancient “Trulli”, Fasano has an extraordinary variety of tourist resources, the Zoo Safari as the most well-recognized one.

Nearby, among the hills, “Laureto”“Canale di Pirro” and “Selva di Fasano”, a while ago covered by the Mediterranean scrub, enchant the visitor with unforgettable sights of vineyards, squared off dry-stone walls, “casine” (little old houses) and hotels where tourists can breathe a balmy air during their quiet summer holidays.

From the crystalline sea of “Savelletri”, (a picturesque district of fishermen), framed by wild sea cliffs and inlets of fine sand, visitors can easily get to the wide sandy bay of “Torre Canne”.

Near “Savelletri”, there are the ancient ruins of “Egnazia (Gnatia)” (a very old Messapic, after Greek and then Roman town), a very interesting archaeological site endowed with a museum.