the good taste of Apulia

Renna enriches every table with delicious sea and land specialities ready to be enjoyed, authentic flavours and Mediterranean scents which enhance the raw materials, preserving the real taste of Apulian tradition.

Discover the good things
that taste like Apulia

Value for Renna

Authenticity researchers

Our strength is the raw materials, which are accurately chosen and selected to be turned by hand into delicious, traditional recipes.

On the side of the environment

We choose the best raw materials, respecting the territory. We bring on your table authentic flavours and we contribute to environmental sustainability with the adoption of virtuous behaviours in every step of our work. For this reason, we use packaging with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Artisans of taste

The traditions and secrets of the past meet the most modern technologies — Renna’s products express the taste of family recipes at their best, ensuring the same characteristics of a product just cooked. Each raw material is prepared by expert hands and following old recipes, so to enhance its most authentic taste.

Attention to details

Exclusive packs enclose the excellence of our products, with a special attention to the preservation of organoleptic characteristics and taste. From bowls to trays, from barrels to the more elegant gourmet line, we propose 30 types of packaging, so to accommodate the needs of our customers and the markets they serve.

Our excellence

Together it’s better

Our job is passion and excellence. The high quality and authenticity of Renna’s flavours bring the real taste of Apulia on the tables worldwide.

We offer our services to:

Horeca industry

We serve delis, hotels, hotel chains, accommodation facilities and restaurants all over the world.


Our order management is comprehensive, from the supply of raw material to the production including for third parties and private labels, from packaging to labelling and export.

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    • - For us the quality and the guarantee of safe and compliant products are the top priority.
    • - We use an H.A.C.C.P. control system integrated into the quality certification system "ISO 45001", BRC, IFS Food, "ISO 22000" and FDA
    • - Some of the Renna products have also been recently awarded with the prestigious gold stars by the jury of the International Taste & Quality in Brussels, confirming the quality and unique taste of our proposals.
    • The factory is enrolled at the Italian Ministry of Health with the N. IT 423 CE