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Renna deals with the production and the worldwide distribution of ready-to-use seafood and vegetables appetizers of the Italian tradition.

We are engaged in food business since 1980, our factory daily produces ready-to-use seafood and vegetables appetizers following the traditional “made in Italy” recipes.  We manage the overall productive process: from selecting the ingredients, treating them and controlling packaging quality to managing the exports in more than 60 countries. Fishes, crustaceans and mollusks are frozen, salted and preserved in oil, while vegetables have different treatments depending on the recipe.

Tomatoes, for instance, are sun-dried and preserved in oil as the recipe prescribes. Our catalogue includes more than 800 products: sea-salad with cuttlefish, mussels, shrimps, octopus, tattler, carrots, olives and peppers, filets of marinated anchovies, grilled artichoke prepared with oil and parsley, red and yellow grilled peppers prepared with sunflower oil and parsley and so on! We make our experience, our culinary culture and our business management available for all the clients who want to bring Italian cuisine in their countries.

Services for our dealers
Offriamo ai nostri partner una serie di servizi studiati per soddisfare qualsiasi richiesta commerciale. La nostra gestione delle commesse è completa, dalla fornitura delle materie prime alla produzione anche conto terzi e private label, dal packaging all’etichettatura fino all’esportazione. We offer our partner a range of services designed to satisfy any kind of commercial demand. We manage the overall process of orders: supply of raw materials, production also for third parties and private label, packaging, labeling and exports.
Our commercial proposal:
  • ProductsWe produce a great variety of ready-to-use appetizers with seafood or vegetables, mixed, preserved in oil or in brine. Every recipe is inspired by the pure traditional Italian cuisine. Complete catalogue on:
  • Raw materialsWe rely on certified suppliers of seafood and vegetables and we use more than 90 raw materials, selected by their organoleptic qualities (color, size, shape, smell, consistency and taste).
  • PackagingWe offer 30 different types of packaging as bowls, trays, glass vessels and stems of various sizes.
  • LabelingWe label every product in accordance with existing law of food sector.
  • Exclusive productsWe create new recipes in collaboration with our clients, so that we make different products for specific markets.
  • ConsultingWe provide information and counseling on our Italian products, on the creation of exclusive recipes, on packaging and so on.
  • SupportWe take care of the client in the pre and post selling phase.
  • ShipmentsWe already operate in 70 countries and we provide international delivery of our ready-to-use appetizers.
  • Safety ComplianceWith HACCP regulation.
  • CertificationWe are certified by the most important national and international certification bodies as ISO 22000, ISO 45001, IFS, BRC, FDA.
Contact us for more information on our ready-made starters and our services. We will study together the best partnership formula for your business needs.