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Fasano and its typical cuisine

from category "Local specialities"

Fasano is famous for its mediterranean cuisine and the simple and tasty dishes that are prepared with high-quality ingredients. Fasano offers a wide range of agricultural products thanks to its geographical position, its mild climate and its fertile soil. Fasano is famous for its olives and its excellent extra-vergin olive oil that is still produced with modern techniques in old olive oil mills.

In Fasano you can taste diffrent kinds of fresh pasta dressed with vegetables or the traditional and tasty ragu, you can try our typical juicy “carne al fornello” (grilled meat), our “gnomarelli” (small grilled bits of lamb’s heart, lung and liver) and sausage. Grilled meat is usually eaten in Apulia during the summer celebrations of patron saints in a lot of butchery shops.

Fasano is also famous for its desserts: “bocconotti”, “cartellate”, “copeta” (similar to nougat) and “pettole” (similar to deep fried dough balls) are just some of the delicious desserts you can taste with a glass of “limoncello” (lemon liqueur).

If you love seafood dishes, our cuisine is perfect for you too!