A shower of stars for Renna at the Superior Taste Awards 2018

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This year, again, the International Taste & Quality Institute assigned its prestigious award to our food products, valued as of superior quality in taste. The awards came as a result of very accurate tests run by juries made of carefully selected members, chosen among the best chefs, sommeliers and experts in tasting.

The members of the jury come from 30 different countries, and this ensures that products are chosen according to their actual objective quality, unconnected to any specific local cuisine and taste. Each member of the jury examines products without knowing their brand nor their origin, and they give each product a score, based on factors such as taste, appearance, flavour, texture.

The Superior Taste Award assigned by the International Taste & Quality Institute is considered worldwide as “the Michelin Guide for food products”, for its authority in identifying excellence and thus guiding customers and caterers. We are really honoured for having received six awards for Renna products.

Three Stars – exceptional product, with 90% and more of total marks

Red Tomatoes “Sun Pomò”

Two Stars – remarkable product, with marks between 80% and 90%

Marinated anchovy fillets

Octopus in oil

Dried tomatoes in oil

One Star – notable tasting product, with marks between 70% and 80%

Seafood salad “Gran Festa”

Grilled aubergines

The Superior Taste Award experience let us gain some important acknoledgement for our work, and it is above all an encouragement to keep our products’ quality high.

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