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    seafood salad “Italia” with vegetables

      • Vassoio
      • 150 gr / 200gr / 500gr / 1 Kg
      • Fusto
      • 300gr / 1 Kg / 2kg / 5kg / 10kg
      • Vaso
      • 300gr / 2,2kg / 2,9kg

    All the flavour of the sea and the freshness of fresh vegetables in a unique and original starter. The seafood salad made with mussels, cuttlefish, shrimps, octopus, squids, carrots, olives and peppers.

    The salad is ready to be consumed as a starter. It can be used to enrich pasta, rice salads, hulled wheat, barley and couscous. It is possible to add fresh vegetables such as celery, onion and capers. It is excellent combined with  bean purée or polenta.