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    “Romana”style artichokes

      • Vassoio
      • 150 gr / 200gr / 500gr / 1 Kg
      • Fusto
      • 300gr / 1 Kg / 2kg / 5kg
      • Vaso
      • 300gr / 1,7 kg / 2,2kg / 2,9kg

    Just like the typical recipe from Lazio hands down,  the “Roman” style artichokes with stem are seasoned with olive oil, parsley and chilli pepper.

    The artichokes are ready to be served as an appetizer. Given their elegant shape due to the presence of the stem, they can be enjoyed as a tasty side dish served with other vegetables such as zucchini, aubergines and grilled peppers.

    The taste of the land and the goodness of the garden, ready to be enjoyed

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