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    Semi-dried tomatoes “U’Pemdaur”

      • Vassoio
      • 150 gr / 200gr / 500gr / 1 Kg
      • Fusto
      • 300gr / 1 Kg / 2kg / 5kg
      • Vaso
      • 300gr / 1,7 kg / 2,2kg / 2,9kg

    Tomatoes prepared according to the original regional recipe which includes oven drying. Seasoned with oil in order to keep their peculiar characteristics intact.

    Tomatoes are ready to be consumed as an appetizer accompanied with mozzarella. They are perfect for the preparation of focaccia, or enjoyed on bruschetta or croutons. Try them with a slice of bread for a genuine and healthy snack.The product can also be consumed as a side dish or used to enrich pasta dishes.

    The taste of the land and the goodness of the garden, ready to be enjoyed

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